Savers Save Big in Saver’s Sweepstakes

Kick-start your Savings Goals for 2020.

Savers Save Big in Saver’s Sweepstakes

Since launching in May of 2019, 129 members at WCCU have saved over $50,000 in total by opening a prize-linked savings account as part of Saver’s Sweepstakes.

“Saver’s Sweepstakes is attracting many consumers to their first-ever committed savings effort. It’s a way for members to save money, and at no risk, be eligible for cash prizes when they save,” said Kevin Hauser, WCCU President. “Saver’s Sweepstakes is a risk-free way to build a rainy day account while helping make saving approachable and fun.”

As many members look towards 2020 with financial goals in mind, Saver’s Sweepstakes is a way to build and practice the habit of saving. Account holders can qualify for up to six chances per month for each $25 increase in their monthly balance*. If you save $25 per month, you’ll have a savings account with a $300 balance by next January. Saving more per month earns you more chances to win and increases your account balance.

Saver’s Sweepstakes prizes are offered on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis – up to $5,000.  Each chance has an equal opportunity of winning, as both Thomas B. and Fran F. found out. Both were randomly selected as $100 Monthly Winners in December! Fran, of Reedsburg, previously won in the October monthly drawing and Thomas, of Wisconsin Dells, won in the August monthly drawing.

Don’t miss your chance to win in 2020! The next drawing is Wednesday, January 15 for funds saved in December 2019. 

Deposits made in January will be eligible for the cash prize drawings in February.

*See Saver’s Sweepstakes Page for complete terms, conditions and official rules. Early withdrawal limits may apply. Federally insured by the NCUA.

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