A Message to WCCU Members from President Kevin Hauser

Regarding the recent systems upgrade during October 2018.

Dear Members,

Thank you for your patience and support during this past month.  Please know that it was not our intent to inconvenience you, but rather to provide you with products and services that will prepare you to be successful far into the future.

Not only has this change impacted our members, but it has also significantly impacted the daily routines of our staff.  I greatly appreciate your kindness and understanding as they too are adjusting to the new way of doing things.  It pains me to see their frustration when they cannot deliver a level of service to you that they find acceptable. But I have been encouraged by their smiles returning as they become more comfortable and experienced with the new systems.

Change is never easy, but it was necessary. We outgrew our previous core system which created many issues and limitations.   We began to research systems over 18 months ago.  We had staff and even some members come in and demo them.  Testing, staff training and communication with members began 6 months ago.  However, by making changes to several systems that integrate, it is common to have some issues.   We have a team that is monitoring and addressing these items as well as testing solutions.

As we continue to work through a few outstanding issues and adjust to the changes, I am confident and excited about all the wonderful features and benefits that these new systems will bring to both our members and out staff.  On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff I want to personally thank you for your business and assure you that member service remains our highest priority.


Kevin Hauser

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