Credit Card System Maintenance


Reminder: If you have not contacted us to let us know which program you would like your WCCU Credit Card to be transferred to, your WCCU Credit Card is in the process of being transferred from the discontinued program to the new Ruby Rewards Program.

Here’s what you need to know:
Updated:  10/29/21

When will I get my new card?

  • Your new card is in the process of being mailed. You can expect to receive them within 10-14 days. You can use your current card until you receive your new card.
  • The card will arrive in a plain envelope, and it is coming from our card processor (not WCCU). You will need to activate your immediately and destroy your old card.
  • Your new card will have a new set of numbers on the front and a new expiration date. You will have to update any automatic payments you currently have on your credit card.

 Why is Card Balance in online banking “wrong”?

  • Your credit card has been transferred to a new account type. This means that all of your transactions will be posted to the new account. As the Account Transfer happens, your previous balance (or credit) and transactions will also be transferred to this new account. As you see the current card balance and the new card balance – the combination of the two balances and pending transactions is correct.
  • You may see transactions in the “pending” status for longer than usual, as accounts are transferred.

What is different about the new card?

  • The Rewards Program is the same. All rewards points have carried over.
  • Your rate may be different, as rates are now based on your credit score and are not the same for everyone.
  • The new card is red, instead of silver.



In October 2020, we converted to a new credit card processor and our credit card program changed.  Instead of offering a “one-size-fits-all” card, we now have 3 different types of programs.  The rate for all WCCU Credit Cards is now determined by credit score.  Members that did not change to one of the new programs recently received a notice that if we do not hear from them prior to 9/1/21, they would automatically be transferred into the Ruby Rewards Program which is the most similar to the existing card that members currently have.

    • All members that are on the old program were sent a letter to provide them with advance notice prior to these changes taking place.  The entire credit card program has changed for all members that are on the old program.
    • Effective Date:  Changes to APR and fee will only apply to transactions made AFTER 9/21/21.
    • Existing balances including any transactions made on or before 9/21/21 are protected and will stay at the current APR until they are paid off.
    • Rate:  Depending on the card that the member chooses, the interest rate may increase compared to the old program, however if the members pay off their card balance each month, they will not pay interest.
    • Adverse Action Notice:  The new credit card program requires an updated credit score.  Federal Regulation requires us to provide you with an “Adverse Action Notice”.  Your score was generated from a “soft-pull credit report” thru Trans Union.  Please note that the score is what is important.  The four “Key Factors” listed on the bottom of the page of the letter provided are technical language and can be confusing.  It should be known that even members with the best credit scores have key factors that appear to be negative, when in reality they are not.

WCCU has no control over your determined credit score, rate, or adverse action notice.  It is determined by the Credit Bureau.  If you have questions concerning your credit report you can contact Trans Union at 1-800-888-4213.  Please know that to assist you they will ask you for your full social security number.