How to Register Your Credit Card for “Access Point”

Step-by-step directions to connect your Credit Card to Online Banking

Use WCCU’s Access Point to manage your credit cards, register for credit card eStatements, view transactions and connect to them within Online Banking. For the directions below, start by being logged into your Online Banking account.

Step 1: Click “View Transactions”

In the “Accounts” widget, click on your credit card. You’ll then see a button to “View Transactions” which will take you to Access Point to register your card with your account.


Step 2: Register Your Card

Enter your Credit Card Number, along with the name (as it appears on your card), and your email address. Click Submit. Once the system has verified your information is correct, you’ll be prompted to add in the card’s expiration date and security code from the back of the card.

Step 3: Verify your account

You will be prompted to enter the first five digits of the zip code of the primary cardholder’s mailing address.


Step 4: Complete the Terms and Conditions

To complete registering your card, review the Terms and Conditions, click the checkmark box in the lower left corner to Accept, then click submit. There is also an option to Print the complete terms and conditions if you’d like to review it further or retain a copy.

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