WCCU can help you protect your most important asset, YOU!  Identity theft impacts millions of Americans each year and is the fastest growing crime in America.

WCCU has partnered with InfoArmor to offer you identity monitoring at a discounted rate.  InfoArmor provides full protection by providing a solution that deters, detects, and defends against identity theft.  InfoArmor’s solution provides broader protection than credit monitoring alone.  By utilizing patented technology, InfoArmor is able to detect misuse up to 90 days sooner than credit based solutions. For only $8.95 per member per month, you can protect your personal information from the devastation of identity theft.

Protect yourself with InfoArmor!  Benefits include:

  • SNAPD® Identity Monitoring.   By leveraging the nation’s largest, cross-industry identity network, InfoArmor monitors your SNAPD identity blueprint (stands for Social Security number, Name, Address, Phone and Date of birth) against over 700 billion data elements from sources such as new credit cards, wireless accounts, retail credit accounts, automobile loans, mortgage loans, payday loans, check and check reorders, utility accounts and change of address requests.
  • Solicitation Reduction.  Reducing junk mail, stop pre-approved credit offers, and end telemarketing calls.
    High-touch care (including live phone calls) from Privacy Advocates® to complete the work from start to case completion.
  • IdentityMD® to provide tips, tools, and resources to prevent identity theft as well as restore an identity (includes assistance in pulling free credit reports from the three bureaus)
  • WalletArmor to quickly replace contents of a lost or stolen wallet to mitigate damages.
  • $25,000 identity fraud reimbursement policy to protect against out-of-pocket costs associated with identity theft including lost wages, legal fees and postage

Enroll yourself and your family today to protect your credit and identity by calling toll free:  800-789-2720