Membership Eligibility

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You are eligible to be a WCCU member if you are an employee, member or patron of any cooperative operating in Vernon or Richland County; an employee of associations or organization of such cooperatives; if you reside or are employed in Vernon, Richland, Crawford, Sauk, Juneau, Monroe, Grant, Iowa, La Crosse, Adams, Columbia and Marquette Counties.

A public depositor, any employee of this credit union, and any member of the immediate family* of any other eligible person may become a member of the credit union in the manner provided in WCCU’s bylaws.  Any organization or association may become a member of the credit union if a majority of the directors, owners or members thereof are eligible for membership in the credit union.  In addition, any Organization or association that has a business located in any of the counties listed above is eligible for membership.

*Members of the immediate family include, but are not limited to, the spouse, parents, stepchildren and children of each person eligible to be a member of the credit union under paragraph #1 above, whether or not residing in the same household. The term also includes any other relative of any person eligible or of the spouse of the eligible person, if the relative resides in the same household as the person.)

To become a WCCU member, contact any of our WCCU offices and we will be happy to assist you!