New Credit Card Services in October

Important information for current credit card holders.

Important Notice: To bring you better service with more options, WCCU will be launching new credit card services on October 13th, 2020.

WCCU Business Gold MasterCard Credit Card

Here’s what you need to know:


    • You will be issued a new credit card(s) with new numbers that will arrive mid-late October. Your existing credit card(s) will remain active for 30 days (11/9/2020). Please destroy your old card(s) when the new card(s) arrives and update any subscriptions or automatic payments with your new card numbers. The new card will continue to earn rewards.
    • Your credit card account will be reported as transferred to the Credit Bureaus, and it will be reported as a secured line of credit instead of an open line of credit.

    • Your current credit card(s) will remain active: usage will not be impacted, and rewards will continue to be earned at one point per dollar purchased.
  • If you use WCCU’s Online Banking, you will no longer need a separate login to redeem points! Credit Card Access Point will replace MyCardInfo. Statements will have a new look and payments will be mailed to our new processor. (Payments can still be made online or at any of our WCCU offices.)
  • The last three months of your transaction history will transfer to the new credit card management site. If needed, you can print or save any previous online statements/history prior to October 8th.

Important Dates:

  • 10/5/20: Last date to make a payment or balance transfer. This includes payments made through MyCardInfo, Online Banking, at a WCCU Branch or over the phone. After that, all payments will need to be held until October 13th.
  • 10/8/20: Last date to access MyCardInfo. If needed, print/save available online statements.
  • 10/8/20: Last date to redeem your points through Remaining points and their expiration dates will transfer to the new rewards program called CU Rewards.
  • 10/13/20: Conversion to be completed. Online access for rewards redemption, card management, external payments, eStatements, etc. will be available through Credit Card Access Point. (If you do not use Online Banking, a link will be available on our website.)
Calendar page showing the month of October 2020

NEW CREDIT CARDS PROGRAMS & DIGITAL WALLETS: Exciting new credit card programs will be available October 13th – watch for details on how to switch to one of these programs! In 2021, we will be launching Digital Wallets for the new cards, which are digital versions stored in an app on your mobile device. (To help protect cardholder’s security, the card number and personal information are not stored.)

For information about our new Credit Cards, please see our Visa & Mastercard page.

If you have any questions, contact any WCCU office to speak with our Cards Department or send an email to

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