New Service Offered at WCCU: Financial Counseling

This FREE service is available to all community members, including WCCU Credit Union members, to provide tools and resources to attain financial stability.

Four of our WCCU Staff members have earned the credentials of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors (CCUFC) by completing a rigorous program aimed at identifying consumers’ financial challenges, providing intervention and offering assistance not typically offered by for-profit financial institutions.

Adriana Eisen, Casey Nelson, Diana Marshall and Greg Wagner (pictured right) have each completed a 16-week program offered by the Credit Union National Association involving self-study, online learning and two full days of testing. The National Credit Union Foundation also provided these staff guidance to expand the reach of financial counseling within WCCU Credit Union to address borrowers’ financial crises, reduce loan delinquencies, improve credit scores to qualify borrowers for better rates, offer improved guidance on budgeting and set more borrowers on a more solid financial path.

Adriana Eisen, Casey Nelson, Diana Marshall, Greg Wagner, WCCU Financial COunselors

“Wisconsin credit unions provide more than 500,000 hours of free financial counseling to Wisconsin consumers each year,” said Mary Bliss of the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, whose support reduced the cost for our staff to enroll in the program.

“This certification now adds increased muscle to what credit unions have done for years. Because credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives that have no stockholders – just depositors whose best interests drive decision-making – they return benefits like financial counseling to the local citizens who own them,” she said.

While credit unions have saved 2.8 million Wisconsin consumers $1 billion over the last decade simply through more competitive rates on saving, borrowing and lower or fewer fees, they have saved consumers tens of millions of additional dollars through loan refinances identified through financial counseling. Read more at

For more information on our Financial Credit Counseling services, please read the WCCU Financial Counseling page.

If you’d like to make an appointment with one of our Certified Financial Counselors, please call our Branch Location nearest to you during normal business hours.

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