“Opt-In” For CheckMate Overdraft Protection

 Ensure your debit card is not declined this holiday season.

WCCU recently sent an email to some members who may not be taking full advantage of the Overdraft Privilege Program we offer for CheckMate Cards. The email encouraged members to “Opt-In” by replying the the email.

Why opt in? We need permission to pay debit card transactions that will overdraw an account. This will protect a member from the embarrassment of having a debit card declined.

WCCU CheckMate Chip Card

How is it different from overdrawing with a check? Members are not required to give us permission to overdraw an account with a check. However, regulation states that members must “Opt-In” to have the same privilege with a debit card. If you do not “Opt-In”, we must decline the purchase.

Mistakes happen. While none of us plan to overdraw, it is nice to know that your WCCU CheckMate Card is covered. There is no charge to be enrolled, and the cost is the same as when you overdraw your account by check – just twenty dollars per occurrence.

For more information about our Overdraft Privilege Program click here.

Contact any of our offices to check the status of your WCCU CheckMate Card and “Opt-In” to our Overdraft Privilege Program.

Some members who received the email questioned the authenticity and wondered if our email account had been hacked. This email was NOT a scam. We did request for members to “Reply to the Email”, but we did not request any confidential or personally identifying information.

WCCU will never ask for your account number or other personal information via email.

If you are ever suspicious of an email, please reach out to us to verify the content. We appreciate your diligence in protecting yourself from potential phishing attempts and keeping your personal information safe. At WCCU, we value your privacy and work with you to keep your information secure.

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