“RC Mobil” Moving to New Location!

Richland Center “RC Mobil” Office Moving to New Orange Street Location in May!

Over 15 years ago we recognized the need to have a secondary office in Richland Center.  In 2006, we leased space at Mobil Mart on the west side and opened the office that became known as “RC Mobil”.  We have since outgrown the space and determined that to better serve our members we would need to relocate our “RC Mobil” location to a facility that included offices and more privacy.  We also decided that there was a need for a drive-up ATM and a walk-up window.

Our new “RC Orange Street” location (by Ryan’s Auto) will be opening in the beginning of May.  We take this opportunity to thank Roger Weber and all of the staff at Mobil for helping us serve our members for the past 15 years.

Here’s what you need to know about our “RC Mobil” move:

Tuesday, May 4th – Last day the “RC Mobil” office will be open.

Wednesday, May 5th and Thursday, May 6th – Moving Days! Please plan to use the RC Main office.

Friday, May 7th – New office on Orange Street will be open!

Please note:  In order to make preparations for the move, the night drop at RC Mobil is now closed.

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