Saver’s Sweepstakes Summer Relief

Double Entries and Extra Cash Prizes

Although it may be difficult for our members to set money aside during this crisis, it’s important that we continue to make it as easy as possible.
Even $25 each month will add up to $300 in 12 months. To help in this effort, our Saver’s Sweepstakes Accounts are automatically part of a “Summer Relief” promotion through July 31, 2020:
• Through July: Double entries for transactions (also includes regular prize drawings). For example: $25=2 entries, $50=4 entries, $75=6 entries…up to $150=12 entries.
• June 15th Prize Drawing: 25 extra state-wide winners of $200 each.
• July 15th Prize Drawing: The Wisconsin Credit Union League will be funding one $50 prize drawing for each participating credit union, ensuring WCCU will have an extra winner in July!
In the first four months of 2020, WCCU Members have won $1,900 in Cash Prizes for participating in Saver’s Sweepstakes. Don’t miss out on our chance to win with the extra entries and extra prizes. Learn more on our Saver’s Sweepstakes page.
The next drawing for winners is Monday, June 15 for entries earned in May.

*See Saver’s Sweepstakes Page for complete terms, conditions and official rules. Early withdrawal limits may apply. Federally insured by the NCUA.

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senior woman celebrating savers sweepstakes presented by wccu credit union