SCAM ALERT: Checks Stolen Out Of Mailboxes

Beware of on-going mail theft in Sauk County.

WCCU Credit Union urges all members and community residents to reconsider leaving checks in their mailbox to be picked up by the postal route worker. Recently, there has been an increase in stolen mail in the Sauk County area.

The fraudsters are targeting mail they believe to contain written checks (bill payments and greeting cards). They open the mail and ‘wash’ the checks in order to re-write the recipient, amount and signature. By forging a new signature on the check, credit unions and other financial institutions have less time to dispute the incorrect charges.

Writing a Check

Recommendations to protect yourself and your credit union:

  • If your outgoing mail contains written checks, drop it off at a secure Post Office location. This ensures your mail is routed directly to your recipient without a chance for scammers to intercept it from your flagged mailbox.
  • Monitor your checking account daily if you have recently mailed a check. You can easily keep an eye on your account through Online Banking or our Mobile App.
  • Verify that the amount your check clears for matches what you wrote. If there is a discrepancy, notify WCCU immediately. In these cases, we only have a short time frame to dispute the amount. If we miss that window, the credit union must absorb the loss of funds.
  • Consider using Online Bill Payer – a free service through WCCU Credit Union to send payments and pay your bills online without the responsibility of mailing your checks. You can schedule your payments in advance, set up automatic payments and access the service 24 hours a day – paying your bills when it is convenient for you. Learn more.
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