WCCU Covid-19 Relief

Monetary support for Businesses, Members and Non-Profits

In addition to working with the SBA Loans (Payroll Protection Program), emergency loan programs and working with members on payment deferrals, WCCU has financially committed to helping members and our communities during these uncertain times.

$200,000 Gift Cards purchased from Member Businesses given back to Members

We are committed to supporting those who support us to help provide as much assistance as possible in this trying time. The WCCU Board of Directors dedicated $200,000 towards purchasing gift cards and gift certificates directly from our local member businesses. We are currently in the process of purchasing over 4,000 gift cards. These gift cards are then being mailed to WCCU members selected randomly. If a member receives a card/certificate that they are unable to use, we ask them to consider an “act of kindness” and pay it forward to someone else.

$50,000 to Local, Non-Profit Organizations

Since the recent Covid-19 Pandemic declaration, many families, businesses and support agencies have been experiencing changes in life that are creating new stresses. This has greatly impacted many of our local non-profit organizations. WCCU is proud to support the efforts of nearly 100 food pantries, community organizations and animal shelters that are committed to serving our local communities during these uncertain times. Monetary contributions totaling $50,000 were donated in April to these various organizations. We appreciate the additional benefits and resources that they provide for our friends and neighbors during these difficult times.

Brighter days are ahead. Until we get there, we will continue to do what we can to help protect our members, staff and communities. Thank you and stay safe!

Best Regards,
Kevin Hauser, WCCU President

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