Richland Center Shred Event Coming Up!

Shred it you won’t regret it

Help protect your identity while cutting through the clutter at WCCU’s Shred Event on Saturday, June 17th!Bring all your personal documents you want to get rid of because a Shred Event is safe, secure and in-shred-ably easy!

WCCU Richland Center (Main Office) Parking Lot

Saturday, June 17th – 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Types of items that can be shredded:

  • All types of paper are fine, staples and paper clips can be shredded.
  • Items with butterfly clips need to be removed and items in 3-ring binders need to be emptied.
  • Small quantities of discs can be taken but must be placed in a separate bag.
  • Bring your tax returns, medical records, pay stubs, cancelled checks, old checkbooks/duplicate checks, junk mail and other documents with personalized information.

Limit of THREE large boxes per person, please. 

 A fall shredding event will be held in Sauk County (date and time to be announced).

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Mary Schultz WCCU Reedsburg Branch Manager