Earn larger dividends than traditional savings accounts. With a minimum deposit of $500, you can enjoy a higher return on your money by opening a WCCU Certificate.

  • Minimum deposit for WCCU Certificates is $500.00.
  • WCCU Certificates dividend rates may change at time of renewal, which is determined by the market and the economy.
  • Dividends for 3-month and 6-month certificates are paid at maturity.
  • Dividends for 1-year through 5-year certificates are paid quarterly from issue date to maturity.
  • A few days before your Certificate matures, you will receive a maturity notice. You will have up to 10 days to reinvest or withdraw the money. If we do not hear from you within the 10-day period, we will automatically renew your certificate, for the same length of time, at the current dividend rate.
  • Penalties: premature withdrawals are subject to the following penalty which is calculated on the balance at the time of withdrawal, at the Certificate dividend rate.
    Certificates less than 24 month term = 120 days of dividend.
    Certificates 24 month term or longer = 180 days of dividend.
  • Add dividend to Certificate.
  • Transfer dividend to checking/savings or other WCCU account.

Quarterly statements are mailed at no charge. (Members with a WCCU checking account receive a monthly statement of all their WCCU accounts.)