Awards Checking

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  • No minimum balance required.
  • No monthly service charge.
  • Overdraft fees: $20 per presentment or $5 with overdraft protection. Maximum overdraft charge per day is $100.
  • Stop Payment Fee: $20 per item.
  • Depositing a bad (returned) check: $10 per item.
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Additional Benefits

  • Earn 3.00% APY* on deposits $.01 – $20,000 (rate effective 2/1/23)
  • Earn .25% APY on deposits $20,001+
  • Reimbursed ATM fees (up to $10 per month)

If the three requirements are not met the dividend rate will be .05% APY and there will be no reimbursement for ATM Fees.

The dividend rate for this account is set on the 1st day of each month.  Rates can be viewed Rates page.

Three Requirements

  1.  Make a minimum of 15 CheckMate transactions per month. NOTE: Transactions include both debit and credit and must be posted to the account during the monthly cycle in order to be included.
  2. Must enroll in online banking and must receive your monthly statement electronically. (to receive e-statement notifications, you are required to maintain a valid e-mail address)
  3. Have a continuous monthly direct deposit into this account or have at least one automated transfer from this account per month. (ACH debit or credit, Payroll Credit, or recurring auto­matic transfer to loan or savings from checking)

If these three requirements are not met the dividend rate will be .05% APY and there will be no reimbursement for ATM Fees. 

Awards Checking FAQs

Q. Can I convert my current WCCU checking account to an Awards Checking account?
A. Yes, and you can even keep your same checks and CheckMate card! Just stop in and sign a form. We can also automatically convert your direct deposit, auto payments, etc.

Q. Which ATM fees are refunded?
A. Fees for using other ATM’s and ATM surcharge fees will be refunded, up to a total of $10 per month if all the requirements are met.

Q. What if I have 15 CheckMate transactions during the month, but because I did some on March 31st, they did not hit my account until April… can I still receive the benefits?
A. No. The Awards Checking Account is a fully automated service. If the qualifications are not met during the month, the higher dividend rate will not be paid and ATM fees cannot be refund­ed. Because it is automated, there is no way of making exceptions.

Q. How often does the rate change?
A. The rate is set on 1st day of each month.