About WCCU

Start Owning Your Financial Future

No matter what your personal needs are, WCCU is here to help you spend, save, manage, invest and make money. Our goal is to facilitate financial stability in your life. Let us help aid you in finding the right checking account, the right loan and the right budget for you and your family’s life and financial well being. If you’re not a member of WCCU, apply for membership today!

Board of Directors

Seven members elected by the membership to the Board of Directors are tasked with ensuring the Executive Management Team uphold’s the Credit Union’s member-focused mission statement. This rarely requires direct involvement in the day-to-day operations, since that job falls to the Credit Union President and staff. Generally speaking, the Board’s job is to set course for the credit union, making sure it is operated in a sound and prudent manner and that all decisions are guided by the best interests of the members. WCCU’s voluntary Board of Directors will:

  • Develop WCCU’s long-term goals and strategic plan
  • Make sure the credit union maintains its sound financial condition
  • Keep communication open to educate members on services
  • Report to the members at the annual meeting
  • Approve interest rates, dividends, and refunds, or approve policies to guide management in doing so
  • Develop personnel policies, or make sure they are developed, and then approve them for all credit union programs and activities
  • Make sure new products and services are developed as needed
  • Approve the credit union budget
WCCU Board of Directors

(Left to Right) Sarah Mani, Monte Torgerson, Ron Larson, Kevin Larson, Alan Berg, Bill Marohl, Christine Sloat.